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Apr 18, 2015

Forks --- Seattle (5)

Forks. Forks? Bear with us, we'll explain later (next post). For the time being, let's note that Forks is the most precipitous town in the continental United States, rain-wise. Precipitatous, as it were. It's perched between the Olympic Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 150 miles to the west of Seattle. We must visit.

150 miles. That's a long drive. We must get up early and catch the 8:25 AM ferry to Bainbridge. That's the view this morning, from our apartment, of Mount Fuji Rainier.

Don't ask.

We've progressed a lot and are passing Lake Crescent on the road between Port Angeles and Forks. A shadow lake, so to see.

We mean it.

Forks, Main Street. It does not rain.

Back to Port Angeles. Looking across the straight of Juan de Fuca at Vancouver Island, which belongs to Canada.

Port Angeles, view from the port across the town at the Olympic Mountains. They grow vines there (here), one wonders.

The bridge back to Bainbridge Island

Returning to Seattle on the ferry.

And there we are, again.

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