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Karl Spitzweg: Der arme Poet

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adult parts (n.phr.)  Co-extensive with "private parts." Usage (Green Eyes, Ch. 22): "A peripatetic flower pot that is always blotting the camera view of the adult parts of the unfolding drama."
analysis of the psycho (n.phr.) Synonym for psychoanalysis.
Armani minimum (n.phr.) Giorgio Armani's tumescence when he wears his Armani jeans. Usage (Green Eyes, Ch. 30): "Any hint of tumescence is stylishly kept to the Armani minimum."
cloud fart (n.phr.) Thunder. Usage (This Is Heaven, Ch. 37): "The fat cloud up there issues a fearless cloud fart."
confessive (adj.) The propensity of a subject towards sharing confessions. Usage (This Is Heaven, Ch. 29):  "The Dream Creamery [an ice cream parlor] is popular among the confessive rainbow crowd."
dead-wife (n.) A female spouse, now deceased. Usage: "Alice had an affair with his dead-wife." Discouraged, cruel.
deseat (v.)  Getting up, raising from a seat (formed in analogy with "deplane").
eyePhone (n.) Smartphone mostly used as camera. as in: "He took more pictures with his eyePhone."
fauna sex (n.) Sex between members of the animal kingdom. Usage (This is heaven, Ch. 34) " 'I do funny, things, you see,' he says, or contemplates, because he looks at a glob of jizz having landed on a large leaf of the accumbent ivy. The leaf hangs its head---as if contemplating gravity or the joys of fauna sex."
fry (n.) (singular of mass-term "fries" as in French fries). Usage: (Green Eyes, Ch. 32) "...and now he’s killing a fry with his fork, and a second one, and a third one, and ultimately a twelfth fry (he can count to twelve), and now he’s munching himself to death while twelve slaughtered fries stick out of his food hole like trapped fish and/or other bad metaphors."
i-ding (n.) (i) Collective name for Ipads, Iphones, and similar devices. Usage (Green Eyes, Ch. 27): "He flips his I-ding, sends a text message to Google." (ii) The penis of compulsive app-users. Usage: "This I-man showed me his I-ding, but I wasn't i-impressed."
Ikea moment (n.phr.) The moment you discover that your well-wrought plan has failed.

Ikea moment

i-kill (n.) Suicide. Usage (Green Eyes, Ch. 54): "His eyes fall on the Ipad on the kitchen table, the i-ding he gave to me that fateful night before his I-kill."
i-impressed (adv.) The state of being impressed by an I-thing or its doings. Usage: "This I-man showed me his I-ding, but I wasn't i-impressed." Awkward, won't fly (sounds like one of the lesser Urban Dictionary inventions).
i-man (n.) Compulsive app-user. Usage: "This i-man showed me his I-ding, but I wasn't i-impressed."
i-padded (adv.) The state of being equipped with an Ipad. Usage (Green Eyes, Ch. 30): "I-padded patients recover more quickly."
Louis of Versailles (n.phr.) Synonym of "ancien regime," the French social system of the 17th and 18th century. Usage (This is heaven, Ch. 13): "More jungle jizz flies across the sky like sparks in a firework from Louis of Versailles.
mis-search (n.) Internet-search induced mis-hits. Usage (This is heaven, Ch. 5): “'Mis-search.' The word plays with Alex’s tongue. 'A bit heavy on the ear maybe, but useful. The most frequently committed act of our era, I guess, an act in urgent need of a term. You invented this?' He turns to Alice. 'Can you google ‘mis-search’'?”
municipalist (n.) A person with strong emotional links to his home-town (formed in analogy with "nationalist").
nokia (adv.) Property of unsophisticated cell-phones. Usage (Green Eyes, Ch. 43): "My cell-phone is nokia."
out-plussed (adv.) (trounced, overwhelmed; formed in analogy with "non-plussed"). Usage: (Green Eyes, Part II, Ch. "Erdös Numbers") "Alex’s silent. The alpha dog appears out-plussed. For once. I can’t suppress an inner grin. "
plot holder (n.phr.) Narrative device that holds a plot together.
power point expression (n.phr.)  Evasive or elliptical language, e.g., "work with," "in the process," etc.
public parts (n.phr.) Antonym of "private parts." Usage: "He wasn't interested in my public parts."
pendibility (n.) Inverted degree of the erectness of the pendulous organ. Usage (Green Eyes, Ch. 26): "I can't help but must check with my own eyes about his pendibility."
suicider (n.) (i, neo.) A dead person, having committed suicide. Usage (Green Eyes, Ch. 29): "It's a mystery how they got the suicider out of the wreck." Discouraged, cruel. (ii, established) Very strong, rough cider.
suv (suv, suv) (v.) Purring like an expensive SUV when driving. Usage (Green Eyes Ch. 30): "This SUV suvs like a SUV." Encouraged, will fly
triple (n.) (i, neo.) A couple, except there are three of them. Usage (Green Eyes Ch. 43): "If it weren't for his depression, and a few other things, we could be the happiest triple in the world." (ii, other meanings, established) see here. Since coming up with "triple," we discovered---perhaps a bit late in the process---that American authors use "menage" (typically without accent) in the sense of our triple, although our "triple" doesn't convey the sense of permanence of a menage. The word is derived from the French ménage à trois, ouf course. Ménage, in French, simply means household.

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