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Apr 20, 2015

The walk along the water front --- Seattle (7)

We're on 81 Vine Street, two blocks from the water front, which was remodeled during the 80's to provide the ideal outdoor experience of city living. We go for a stroll every day in the afternoon, especially now, with the weather picture perfect.

The Alaskan Way, on the water front, in Northern direction

400 meters into this (Americans are learning about meters), past Pier 69, where the Elliot Bay Trail begins.

Walking past the ampersand sign (art). Note the Needle. (We're AmpersanT, mind you.)

Sea Lions

More sea lions

The Puget sound in all its glory. We turn around after two klicks

Walking back, with the view on downtown Seattle

Focus to the South, with the port and Mt. Rainier.

Reaching Pier 69, the beginning of the Elliot Trail...

 ...where a happy ending is in preparation


Jon said...

81 Vine building is a historic place that celebrated 100 years last September!! The penthouse addition with the incredible gardens that filter of rainwater, was finished in 2000. You can learn more about the neighborhood http://growingvinestreet.org/

Jon said...

I realize 100 years is not so old to European ... but the USA is a country that's only 14 years old ... :-)

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