Mar 20, 2018

More praise for This Is Heaven

A new review of This Is Heaven, on Amazon:

March 16, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

This is Heaven. Yes it is. The sequel to GREEN EYES. I'm a big fan of Ampersant. I've read a lot of his work. Let me tell you that I read this book slowly and took my time. Actually the story was so good I wanted to just keep reading. The reason. He uses action and thrills and you want to savor the sex scenes and learn from them. Especially getting bitten. Come on, admit it, you want to be bit too. What I also like about the book that it continues from the Green Eyes. It's a month later or ten years later. It's the next day, of sorts. I wasn't expecting that and I'm happy it was that way. I am happy with this book and waiting for the next one.

(We're working on it)

The sequel to the Green Eyes---available now

Michael Ampersant

This Is Heaven (Green Eyes #2)

Mar 17, 2018

Fill in the blanks

If utilitarian calculations are to be applied, they need to be fully applied. For a package of political benefits, these evangelical leaders have associated the Christian faith with racism and nativism. They have associated the Christian faith with misogyny and the mocking of the disabled. They have associated the Christian faith with lawlessness, corruption, and routine deception. They have associated the Christian faith with moral confusion about the surpassing evils of white supremacy and neo-Nazism. The world is full of tragic choices and compromises. But for this man? For this cause?

---Michael Gerson in the Atlantic.

Mar 11, 2018

This morning...still raining

When I woke up, during dawn, the clouds were still touching the top of the rock across the bay. 

Mar 10, 2018

We all know Goodreads has had it's share of drama

 (Fragment of a page recently found on Goodreads:)

Mona > Goodreads Status Update
Mona added a status update
We all know Goodreads has had it’s share of drama. We’re battle-scarred & throw up our hands saying “we just want to read books”. 

So, I, too, got the message from the troll "Tammy". But, unlike some, I believe what she posted is true. And IF any of it’s true, it isn’t just drama. It is HUGELY problematic, potentially illegal, and has the power to really hurt people. 

Please, just think through a few of these things:
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Recently the author MA posted on his blog an entry showing pictures of himself. He said it was because anon trolls were trying to dox him and out his personal information - something he’s long said he’s tried to keep private, though much of which he himself has shared online. *shrug*

In this post he himself admitted to sending fake pictures in the past to people in his readership and friend circles. He admitted to this lie. It hurt a lot of people, people who trusted him. That sucks. But maybe, for some of you, that doesn’t sound like such a big deal…fake pictures? Meh. But it’s the lie that sets this stage. 

Mar 3, 2018

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"ADDICTIVE. UNIQUE. SPECIAL. Witty. Philosophical. Extraordinary." --- another review of the Green Eyes

Gay Book Reviews has a new review of the GREEN EYES, by Lena Ribka. Enjoy:




This book was a nominee for LAMBDA 2016 in the category Gay Erotica. It is not a genre that can compete with MM Romance. Yes, I know, the majority of MM Romance Readers want a lot of SEX scenes in their books, but not THE KIND of Sex Gay Erotica offers. Gay Erotica is not about the romance between the two. It is about libido in the first place. Sex in the genre is often dirty, unclean, rough, aggressive and reeking. Are you ready for it?


For me it was a winner. But I’m aware that the style Michael Ampersant delivers/offers is not everyone’s cuppa. Do you understand THIS KIND of humor?

WHY this book is ingenious:
You treasure all LAMBDA nominees. You have just to know them.
You estimate a SPECIAL writing style. I assure you, you won’t come across SOMETHING like this BEFORE. Michael Ampersant’s style is UNIQUE.

The inimitable style: 5 stars.
The story itself:doesn’t matter.

It is one of those books where the writing and the way of telling is much more interesting than the story itself. I think that it could have at least 50 pages land some long-winded observations less. But the way the WHOLE package is made is so unusual and ridiculously delicious, the humor is so profound, that in spite of all my complaints, I need just to read more by the author.

Honestly, I wanted to DNF it more than once during reading, it was mostly WTF-“eye-rolls”. BUT. I. JUST. COULDN’T. I had to come back. AGAIN and AGAIN. I don’t know, but it is something about this book that difficult to explain, difficult to describe and difficult to separate from.

ADDICTIVE. UNIQUE. SPECIAL. Witty. Philosophical. Extraordinary.

The Lambda Literary Award finalist

Green Eyes
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