Jul 26, 2013

Jul 25, 2013

The word is mightier than the sword

"Just sayin'!"
(This is not Michael, OK. He was roaming sites for gay cruises and came across this picture. By the way, he's planning a gay cruise for Part III of the "Green Eyes," and had expected a wealth of book on the subject, but no, according to his superficial research, there's not a single novel dedicated to the subject (there's a movie, though))

Jul 7, 2013

Sunday matinée

"Green eyes, you say, you mean the novel?"

(Artwork by Bob Bienpensant based on a photo by MalosoHDP on DeviantArt; this picture got 177 page views inside one week, it must be the lack of focus)

Jul 1, 2013

Active Duty (Bob Bienpensant)

Bob Bienpensant, the infamous erotic artist, has climbed onto the keyboard and written his first piece of erotic prose. Here it is:

Bob Bienpensant
This should become an episodic novella. Here's part I (there will be 8 parts in total):  

I’m standing here next to this artificial pond, holding my bike with one hand, and an umbrella with the other. It’s raining. It’s barely 11 PM and there’s still a suggestion of light in the doomy clouds above us since this is June in Amsterdam, the sun setting past 10 PM, dust stretching past midnight. The pond belongs to the Easter Park, the nearest cruising ground. I must be horny, really, there’s no other excuse for this, cycling through the pouring rain in search of casual sex. It’s fairly cold, by the way, I'm almost shivering.

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