Apr 7, 2014

San Francisco (11) --- Camp Meeker(2)

More from Redwooood Country north of the Bay Area where we are staying during the weekend, thanks to an invite of Karen, our landlady in San Francisco, to her cabin in Camp Meeker.

Karen's cabin in Camp Meeker

Connubial bliss inside Karen's cabin

Redwood trees outside Karen's cabin

Mouth of the Russian River (nearby)

Fire department of Bodega (nearby)

Snack bar of Bodega Bay (nearby) (we asked about opening hours because we intended to come back; reply: they noisily lowered the shutters on us)

The terrace of the Bodega Bay snack bar

(We don't have enough material for a short story, and we don't have enough time either, working not furiously enough on Part II of the Green Eyes, but the first person we met in Camp Meeker had "put himself through grad school and obtained a Master of Science," and when we ask "which science," he answers: "parapsychology.")

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