Apr 21, 2014

Time for a really bad poem

Upfront update: This is really getting embarrassing folks---we're getting so many hits for this post, possibly because people think: "This must be a good poem," but no, this really is a bad poem:

The Morning flame is on her mind
The up-and-up is hard to find,
For every dollar is a dime,
For summer solstice is a crime.

When moonlight strikes the heaven breaks,
Has nothing done, has eaten steaks,
Has drunken whiskey far to much,
Has left the sickbed not as such.

Halfdead she is and half alive,
Not given much to sinful strife,
How is she getting out of this,
Well, she is not, tell mighty Chris.

It's Easter morning here in town,
My neighbors dog won't show his crown,
But royals will, and that's enough.

(And you thought we were joking)

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