May 24, 2012

Touring Phuket

So we finally rent a car, and the next morning it is cloudy, rainy, but we don't care, and travel south.  A view from the first viewpoint informs about the western coast of Phuket south of Patong, the hedonistic center of the island:

The bay of Patong is to the north (next to the high-rise), south of it the bay of Kolon, and finally Kata. As we continue south, we reach a small, nameless beach almost on the tip of the island (Chang in the lower right corner)...

which is desolate now, but the bar is already open, crowded by a few locals, who are doubtlessly discussing how it must feel to be Hemingway...

...or perhaps they are discussing the advantages of time travel. The last two pictures are not from this beach but from Phuket town, which will be famous for its cakes one day.

More on Phuket town soon, stay tuned.

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