May 22, 2012

Learning Thai

We've arrived safely in Thailand, but are now holed up in the bedroom, since Chang (ช้าง) ("elephant") canceled the a/c in the living room. So, we have no choice but to learn Thai (ภาษาไทย). It will be quite a slog. But the beginning is easy, as it thematizes the chicken-egg problem.

ก ไก  ko (as in) kai" (chicken) and we are pronouncing the    as "k," whereas
ข ไข "kho  (as in) khai" (egg) and we are pronouncing the  breezely as "kh."


Hold your bladder, hold your bladder, there is a small problem. Our "ko" (), it's some sort of "g" on another web site dedicated to Thai learning.

Stay tuned.

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