Sep 24, 2012

Idempotency (1)

It had to happen, it had to happen. One fine day, John will ask Alex: "What's idempotency?" And since this will be in one of the few chapters in any Green Eyes part where we are doing the explicit thing that readers so crave, Alex won't enter into a longish explanation, he won't say anything, since he's down on John's cock. But since John insists --- because we are writing this post now so we will have John insist -- Alex will briefly interrupt his busy schedule and might say: 'Why don't you look it up on Wikipedia.' But since Alex is so busy, he'll drop the first three words and not just might interrupt his schedule, he will interrupt his schedule. And just say: "Look it up on Wikipedia." But that's cruel, isn't it? Sending people to Wikipedia? While having sex, nota bene? With them?

Photoshop's stained glass filter applied once 

M& Redefinition: S&M: Telling people to look it up on Wikipedia while having sex.

M& Prophesy: In the near future, sending people to Wikipedia during a polite conversation will be considered "not done."

M& Flashback: We were predicting in the early nineties that excessive use of capitalization in emails would soon go out of fashion, as it would be experienced as bullying and obnoxious behavior.

M& Neologism: Underprediction: We were underpredicting. People now get fired for using excessive capitalization in company emails.

M& "We are tired of it": OK. This little post is already long enough. Stay tuned.

M& Slake: Hint, hint, please.

M& Hint:

Photoshop's stained glass filter applied twice

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