Mar 9, 2010

Darty, live bloggin

Repairman has arrived (see previous post). Postwoman (Muriel) has arrived, delayed, with the International Herald Tribune. Maureen Dowd, the fervent columnist, has interviewed Prince Saud, the foreign minister of Saudi-Arabia. "Asked about the possibility that Israel could attack Iran with its new drones, the Prince says dryly 'Talk about changing lifestyle. I think this would change lifestyles at once, forcibly.'"

Electricity is now cut, but we are still online, thanks to our Belkin surge protector. Live bloggin.

Some electronics inside the new hob went pouff. A piece needs to be ordered, then somebody will come to repair the thing. 7 days. We still had the old hob, which we kept in the garage. Old hob has taken the place of the new hob. Nice repairman. Handshake.

Off for a walk in the Esterel now. Live bloggin. Over. Out.

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