May 1, 2018

Jamie and Dex

Cool, folks, we have a new story out in Gay Flash Fiction, which is an installment of the growing, yet somewhat incoherent Jamie & Dex saga. Yours truly and his lovely boyfriend have somehow relocated to Guerneville, a small town on the Russian River 1.5 hours north of San Francisco. They move into a small place in the poor area of town (the part that gets flooded when the river overflows) and get sucked into the trouble of the neighbor's household---a mother and her adolescent son. The mother is gradually turning into a lunatic and dies eventually. We take Jamie in. He's damaged goods now, can't go to school, or to sleep, until he discovers an abandoned math-book on Michael's bookshelf. He reads it, reads all of Michael's math books (Michael, the failed mathematician), and starts to solve the "open problems"---conjectures that are yet unproven---which math-book-authors add to their books as a tease. Now Dex, a school friend from Santa Rosa Highschool shows up and eventually manages to convince Damie to return to school. Dex sleeps over, eventually moves in for all practical purposes. This being California, nobody really asks questions...Here's the link.

The second story---forthcoming in Cleis's anthology "Best Gay Erotic Fiction" but somewhat out of sequence---has the two boys traveling to Florence, where the expected-unexpected is going to happen amidst the "tiny willies on the marble statues." Here's a picture that might give you an idea: 

The third story, the one which is out today, is back in Guerneville, and in time. Both Dex and Jamie have acquired dogs that need to be walked every day, and since Jamie is busy solving open math problems, Michael and Dex take the pooches for a walk along the beach where Dex asks a funny question: "Do you think Jamie is gay?" Here's the link. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Omg...OMG. I dream about their lives. If only I was younger.thanx to the MICHAELS

Michael M. said...

Thanks, cool. We'll try. It's a difficult story, beset by all kinds of problems, like underage, etc.

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