Jan 4, 2018

Murder on the Orient Express

So we finally went to Cannes to watch the movie.The box office gal was very happy to see us, since we had tried four days ago, but then we'd gotten the opening hour wrong. 

Us (our hills) seen from Cannes; all pictures by Chang (Jason Yoon)

Well...not a bad movie, although I enjoyed the previous "Murder..." more---which I saw forty years ago. Kenneth Branagh directs this remake and stars as Poirot.

Still almost the same angle. It's about 3:10 PM. We're in a hurry.

Always difficult, the lead actor directing. We are all narcissists, and so your film will cast, nolens volens, an obsequious light on you and your character. E.g., the new Poirot is actually a nice guy. E.g., he holds dear a portrait of a former love, holding it up like an icon, even kissing it. Poirot! Laughable. 

We've done it. Always nice to leave a movie theater during dust. The colors!

Branagh sports this horrible mustache. Agatha Christie would have fainted, (but then---she hated her Poirot as only an author can hate her own characters). The new Poirot is more Holmesian than Agatha-Christiean, as other reviewers have noted already. 

On our way back home. The colors!

There's more action in the movie than in the book. But what do you want? Look at the multiplexes. All empty. Movies are produced mainly for children that won't go to see them anyhow. Although---the film is a success by box office standards ($55 million production cost vs. $600 million box office gross worldwide since November). 

Arriving at home. The moon!

There's talk about a sequel. Murder on the Nile. We will go see it. 

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