Aug 15, 2017

Out Write Fair, Washington DC

Perry Brass took us---or at least our book ("you are what you read, or you are what you write")---to the Out Write Fair in Washington DC earlier this month.

He writes: "Just wanted to share these shots of Green Eyes at the OutWrite Fair in DC. You can put them up on Lustspiel if you’d like. I really enjoyed this fair—you would have loved it: droves of good-looking black men! I gave one copy of Green Eyes to my friend Philip Clark who is a young writer working on a history of pornography in the gay men’s community. He will be at the next Rainbow Book Fair on a panel called “Pornography as History.”


Perry Brass said...

It was wonderful having Michael's book at my table at the OutWrite Book Fair on Aug 5 in Washington, DC. Despite having the Trumpster in the White House, DC is still one of my favorite cities in the US to visit, and I had a great time with friends there. A lot of people got to look at GREEN EYES, and I told them that if Vladimir Nabokov wrote gay erotica, it would sound like this already-classic.

Michael Ampersant said...

You're soo sweet, Perry.

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