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Nov 14, 2016

Now you see it, now you don't (updated)

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We have a page on Facebook, and we're offered a $10 voucher to "boost a post," meaning that you pay FB money so they show your post to more people---it's a transparent form of advertising, of course. Ten dollars for free, what the heck, so we boost Teaser #14 of This Is Heaven...but...wait...the boost is rejected. It wouldn't be a "pleasant experience" for FB users, especially the pecs of Robert Pattinson won't. Next we try Teaser #15 (the balloon dog shorts). That's rejected as well, on the same grounds. Well, let's see, what could be more unpleasant than an ungeheures Ungeziefer, a monstrous vermin à la Franz Kafka. We try, and succeed. The boost is accepted --- a pleasant experience indeed.

Along those lines...here we have the cover of Perry Brass' book Carnal Sacraments...

...adorned by the work of the German painter Sascha Schneider, a highly recognized Symbolist artist. Amazon---Amazon, this time, not FB---doesn't let Perry place advertisements for his book because of the 'nudity' on the cover.

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Perry Brass said...

Facebook is notorious for this kind of crap. I have had 2 books suppressed by them, not allowed to advertise them, and was once "blocked" from Facebook for 2 months and was not told why. During those 2 months I did some research and found this out:
* Facebook can block you at any time for any infringement of their "rules," which change often.

* Only Facebook can unblock you and you will basically have no contact with them to either ask or petition to be unblocked.

* Why they will unblock you is up to them, and you will never really learn why you've been blocked in the first place, that is, who decided you should be blocked, who registered a complaint, etc.

I was finally unblocked after I wrote a piece for Huffington Post called "I Have Met Big Brother and His Name Is Mark Zuckerberg." Not sure if that helped, but huge corporations like FB hate bad publicity. How it happned that out of the blue I was unblocked is still a mystery to me. But I did find out that what pissed them off was a rear view male nude image with the crack of his ass Photoshopped out that they found offensive. I used it to promote "Celestial Body," an event twinning spirituality and SM/BD I was doing in NY. The image was used in dozens of sites, not all gay, and no one was bothered by it.

Perry Brass


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