Jun 2, 2013

Back in Bürchen

Finally, finally, four weeks of preparations are over, it almost feels like the trials and tribulations of a Wagner opera production, the preparation of our house for the summer rentals, but we are done now, and off to Bürchen, CH, where we habitually spend the summer, and the weather is awful upon our arrival, the coldest spring ever, temperature outside 6° centigrade (around 3 PM), and we go to bed and slip under the winter covers, and it's cold, cold, but the next morning...

The view from our chalet, June 2, around 7 AM
...the sun shines, at least for a brief moment (we're in the clouds again as I'm writing this), and everything is fine, more or less. We'll resume blogging soon, and will tell a few more stories from Korea.


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