Jan 17, 2013

Is the pope gay?

That's the question that keeps us erotic writers up at night. And the answer is....

Georg Gänswein is the Camerlengo (chamberlain) of Pople Benedict XV (or XVII? --- who cares)

The camerlengo does all sort of things, like, like declaring the pope officially dead when the pope dies.

Since this is theVatican, the camerlengo is awash with titles, like Archbishop, and so on

The pope and Georg live together. Georg, like the pope, is German, which helps.

"The Pope's day begins with Mass at 7am, followed by morning prayer and a period of contemplation. Afterwards we eat breakfast together, and my day then begins with sorting through the correspondence, which arrives in considerable quantity." He said that he accompanied Benedict to morning audiences, followed by lunch together, a "short walk," and a rest, after which he "[presents] to the Pope documents which require his signature, or his study and approval." --- that's how Georg describes their life.

"Come on, Georg, I want us to meet somebody."

"Take us to the venue."

"I'm looking forward to our trip, George."

"Fit's well, doesn't it."

"Makes you look younger."

"Look, Georg, this is a real Spanish baby."

"Thank you, Ma'am (or Sir)"

"Father, forgive us our sins."



"I like the driver."

"No, not the guy with the glasses."

"You know my taste."


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