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Jun 21, 2013

The mice of the world are meeting to invent a worser mouse trap

Emma Thompson recommended it as compulsory literature for all politicians.

You is deliberate done hurt the child's feelins
It's set in the Okefenokee swamp, only a few miles from Waycross (where the offices of Doyle-Roy Hunnsbruck are located).

I is more the human bean type

And only a few miles from Monroeville, where Ben's parents live.

Pardon my beg to differmints, sir
We knew nothing about it, of course, it never traveled to Europe.

You is a mite loose in the flue
Pogo Possum, the comic strip by Walt Kelly

This is earthquake weather
These are a few lines gleaned from the strip

Don't seem my pot luck gone be so good
We'd love to use the dialect as well, if we only could learn it...

If I cooks you and you cooks me, who gone be around and enjoy us?
...perhaps after living a few month in Georgia, somewhere in a rural community...

Christmas is coming again
...where people are eager to share their vernacular with strangers?

Hydrogen, nothin' but the best hydrogen an' high grade oxygen --- a steal

Forget it.

Here are a few more lines:

We gone put you countin' snow Early morning volcanoes Oh, posterity has been dealt a cruel blow Oh, I knows they up to some sort of privacy It's gotta be did The mice of the world are meeting to invent a worser mouse trap

Walt Kelly