So far, in this gallery, work by Daniel Barkley, Bob Bienpensant, Michael Breyette, Paul Cadmus (1904-1999), Tony de CarloJack Cowan, David Alan Crumpler, Tom of Finland (1920-1991), Sadao Hasegawa (1950-1999), Wes Hempel, David Hockney, Ron Kibble, Hideki Koh, Rory MidhaniPedro Palanca (1968-2014), Joe Phillips, Mel Odom, Naomichi Okutsu, Artur Pashkov, Michel Plaisir, George Quaintance (1902-1957), Troy Sherrod, Alessio Slonimsky, Jezza SmilezHannes Steinert, Vilela Valentin, Lambro Vassiliadis, Christiane Vleugels, and Steve Walker (1961-2012)

"A cup of green tea," Artur Pashkov

"Disco pusher," Troy Sherrod

"Hier bin ich," Hannes Steinert

"Blue Lazarus II," Daniel Barkley (2010) 

"Adhesiveness," David Hockney (1960)

"Baron," David Alan Crumpler

"I love boots," Tom of Finland (1920-1991)

"Uncropped," Ron Kibble

(There's no Kibble link---we got his permission to post this picture, since then he has disappeared from the web).

"First Eyes," Mel Odom (1982)

"David and me," Steve Walker (1961-2012)
(The ice is broken now; Steve is the first artist with more than one picture in this gallery)

"C'est encore loin, grand Schlumpf," Alessio Slonimsky

"Bathers," George Quaintance (1902-1957)

"Lotus," Naomichi Okutsu

"Le coeur tout zébré d'amour," Michel Plaisir (oil on canvas)
(All rights reserved; reproduction in whichever form only with the permission of the artist)

"Boys Ahoy," Rory Midhani

"At five in the morning," Steve Walker (1961-2012)

"Your sweet ...," Vilela Valentin

"Les amores Kabuki" Hideki Koh

"Speciman A and B," Jack Cowan (1998)

"Drinking men," Pedro Palanca
(We asked Pedro about the year of the painting, and the title, and he wrote back "Oh this one has many titles... but in fact it's about grape distilling (an old fashioned way) to make wine or pisco and it is still practiced (but not so promoted). The piece dates from 1996-1997")

"Triumph over empire," Wes Hempel

"Finistrère," Paul Cadmus (1952)

"Samourai" (detail) Christiane Vleugels

"Adam Steve Eden," Tony de Carlo (2002)

"Boy and ball," Bob Bienpensant (2014)

"Latino boy," Joe Phillips

"Taurus," Jezza Smilez (2012)

"One on one," Michael Breyette

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