Apr 18, 2014

Friday matinée

"Show us the way to the next whiskey bar."
(Artwork by Bob Bienpensant)

And in case you were wondering:

And in case you are still wondering...

...the Alabama Song is originally from Berthold Brecht's Dreigroschenoper, set to music by Kurt Weill, and here's a link (they won't let us embed this) to Lotte Lenya, Weill's wife, singing the song. The trick is: even though Brecht was German, the lyrics were originally written in English (a particularly idiosyncratic English, as Wikipedia puts it, the sort of English you know from these pages).

And in case you're still wondering, yes, you and I know her, Lotte Lenya, since she was the bad girl in the second James Bond movie, From Russia with Love  (1963):

How to get out of this? With the help of the ever-embeddable David Bowie:

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