Mar 3, 2013

Consenting animals

(We're normally about erotic writing, but how about erotic doing?)

(hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan)

And a corresponding fragment from the Green Eyes? Easy, easy, the Green Eyes suit most occasions.  Here, from the last chapter, a short dialogue between John and Alex (don't forget, Alex suffers from anmesia post felo de se, remembers nothing about his personal life):

“Sex was great?”
“Sure it was. Always is.”
“How do you know, with your amnesia?”
“You’re troubled by the quantifier?”
“The ‘always,’ yes.”
“No so difficult, in my case. I had sex three times in my life. As far as I remember. Twice with her, once with you.”
“With me, you had sex with me?”
“Well, perhaps not under the most stringent of interpretations. You were asleep. But I got in bed with you, got an erection, penetrated, had an ejaculation. I didn’t want to wake you up, you must have had a rough day yesterday. Didn’t want to wake you up. You slept through the whole thing. You’re resilient, dude, you’re a tough cookie. We got laid, yes.”
“So it wasn’t a wet dream then.”
“You came as well?”
“There were some traces.”
“Interesting. Sheer serendipity. Didn’t want to wake you up. Screwing without fucking, cool. Didn’t know I had it in me.”
“It’s a well-known technique, invented by the Knights of Malta.”
“Really. I didn’t know. Who knows. Apes could have invented it. Possibly did. Great sex.”

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