Mar 25, 2013

Alex laid bare (4) (Michael Williams)

More from Michael William's outrageous novel Alex laid bare. Go here for the previous installment. 

Michael Williams

The words were barely out of Alex's mouth before Adam had flung his arms around Alex's neck, pressed his lips to Alex's lips, forced Alex's teeth apart and slipped his tongue deep into Alex's throat. They never reached the living room, they never settled down for the normal preliminaries, the bout of discourse that usually confirms mutual enthusiasm for the carnal activity expected but not yet promised. Instead, they scrambled straight to the bedroom, stripped each other naked, fell giggling onto the bed, tumbled around joyously for a couple of minutes, kissing, licking and stroking any available inch flesh, all of the sexual athletics accompanied by grunts of satisfaction, sights of pleasure and an ever more urgent need for a critical question.

"What would you like to do?" Alex asked, his tongue sliding up the crack in Adam's arse.
"Anything, don't mind." came the muffled response from Adam's head, currently buried in the pillow.
"I'd love to fuck you," Alex suggested hopefully.
"OK, but I come very quick."

Alex was in no meed to be deterred. He reached for the lubricant and condom conveniently located under the bedside table. His finger slid into the tight bud of Adam's anus. The boy's buttocks began a circular motion, the moans of appreciation increasing in frequency.

"Quick, fuck me quick," Adam cried. Alex eased his fingers from the boy's warm, welcoming orifice and slid his raging hard cock inside.
"Oh, oh, I come, I come," yelled Adam.

True to his prediction, Alex felt Adam's rhythmic contractions squeeze his prick as he in turn thrust harder, deeper and more furiously until he too discharged his load, riding the ripples of pleasure, nuzzling the back of his lovers neck and offering the usual vote of thanks to his deity.

Bob Bienpensant --- I had no idea

"Very sorry, late for appointment, please excuse me."

He arched his back, forcing Alex's cock out of his arsehole. The still-attached condom flopped heavily onto the duvet. Alex pulled the cover over the evidence of their lust and listened to the splash of water in the shower. It seemed that no more than a minute had elapsed when Adam leant over to kiss him, fully clothed, his hair slicked back and his backpack in his hand.

"Very nice, Alex, Thank you. Can I come again?"


The early November day dawned sunny and exceptionally warm. Arriving around midday, Alex offered lunch in the garden. Adam reciprocated by stepping out of his clothes, his erection vertical against his stomach, and demanding that Alex warm him up. Alex flung a couples of mattresses on the lawn and peeled off his shirt and jeans. The air was cool but the sun still shed enough heat to keep the goose flesh at bay. He joined Adam on the mattress.

"Please fuck me, Alex, fuck me very hard. I've been a naughty boy for you. Now you make me good boy, isn't it?"

The whispered invitation inspired Alex's cock to a state of pulsating hardness. He only had spittle to lubricate Adam's snug little anus. The boy moaned appreciatively.
"Got to get a condom." Alex answered.
"Don't bother," Adam said. "You're the only guy ever fucked me."

Bob Bienpensant --- Man, you are too big 

This revelation forced Alex's erection to an almost unbearable rigidity. He spat on his hand, lubricated his cock and pushed it smoothly inside The Adam. The absence of the condom made the act of entering the boy somehow more sensual, made the feeling of Adam's flesh, soft as velvet, stroking and constricting the throbbing end of his cock, wildly exciting. Alex almost came immediately, but froze in midstroke while the surging sensation subsided. Adam raised his arse, forcing Ales's cock deeper and deeper. Alex groaned with pleasure as twenty thousand volts washed through his body. A mutual rhythm developed, their bodies united in the same soaring rapture; neither could delay the climax as irredeemable pulses of energy overtook any attempt to prolong the lust, Alex shooting again and again deep inside Adam, and the youth cascading his cum across the mattress underneath. Alex collapsed onto Adam's back and lay still, panting, feeling the breeze chill his shoulders, damp with perspiration.
"That was special." Alex said, eventually.
"I think I just melted." Adam said.

From: Michael Williams, Alex laid bare, Lulu Publications, Morrisville NC, 2006, p. 182-184 Perhaps we should mention that the Alex here has nothing to do with the Alex of the Green Eyes, this coincidence is a sheer coincidence.

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