Feb 4, 2013

Alex laid bare (2) (Michael Williams)

More from Michael William's outrageous novel Alex laid bare. 

Michael Williams

He led me back into the house, through an alcove screened by heavy fabric and towards a mattress in the corner.

He lay down, turned on his side and indicated that I should join him, encouraging me to lie flat on my back. Jojo crawled to the foot of the mattress and, looking right into my eyes, began to lick the sole of my right foot, then my left, then, individually, each of my toes. Slowly he advanced up my body, licking, nipping and sometimes biting my flesh, then with a long sweep up my thigh his tongue encountered my balls, slipped along the length of my cock and gently investigated the tip.

With a deep sight of satisfaction, he leant forward and swallowed me, I was on the point of exploding, but playfully, he withdrew his mouth from my throbbing member and returned to his slow exploration of my body. I had lost all track of time, my whole being focused on these profoundly absorbing sensations. Many minutes later his mouth finally reached mine. We kissed for the first time, long and excitedly. I tried to stroke his cock. He brushed my hand away and mumbled his favourite phrase. We continued kissing, his hands continued stroking, mine lay disenfranchised at my side. He tasted sweet and spicy and fresh and I remember wondering if his kisses could last forever, if we could freeze time and find ourselves trapped in a continuous repetition of this endless sensuality.

From: Michael Williams, Alex laid bare, Lulu Publications, Morrisville NC, 2006, p. 175. Perhaps we should mention that the Alex here has nothing to do with the Alex of the Green Eyes, this coincidence is a sheer coincidence.

(Go here for the previous installment, and here for the next installment)

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