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Dec 27, 2012

No word is safe in English --- Handsheets for the erotic writer (3)

Hi, us again, with a tiring (tiresome?) quote from the Green Eyes (Ch. 30, "Charles Cumming" --- that's the name of a well-known author of spy novels, serious):

Charles has been assigned to room 3-16 [in the hospital], and he's really, really happy to see me. He's quite upbeat. I forgot the flowers. "I forgot the flowers," I tell him, "I brought the towel but forgot the flowers."
"Almost rhymes," he says, "rhymes internally, I brought the towel but forgot the flowel."
"Forgot the flower but brought the tower," I say.
"Don't exaggerate," he chuckles.
"No word is safe in English," I reply.

Along those lines, have a look at the Shakespeare Insult Kit a friend sent us from the East Coast:

Huh, huh? Wherever your dirty mind takes you, isn't it?

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