Sep 15, 2012

Look, no penis lines!

Write a novel, see the world. In the Green Eyes, Michael& has Charles coming from Torquay, because we thought that Beau Brummel (the inventor of Dandyism) had spent his summers there, but were obviously mistaken --- was it Bath, perhaps? Never mind, we were lucky in other respects, since in the chapter Agatha Christie (which talks about the English author by sheer serendipity) we mention that Christie had mysteriously disappeared during a marriage crisis. And then we started doing some research on amnesia, because Alex will suffer from said condition as a consequence of his suicide attempt, and discover that Christie's disappearance has been a famous case of Dissociative Amnesia, exactly the sort of condition that could affect Alex now. Plus, plus (we had forgotten, despite actually having read a Christie biography 20 years ago) Christie had been born in Torquay. Structure regained, readers, links, connections, correspondence, the stuff meaning is made of.

And so we found this on

That letter so carelessly tossed on the cabaña floor had freed Elyot from even pretending to care about Clifford’s choices in swimwear or companions.

More of this on our temporary page Dandies --- an illustrated novella

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