Jan 8, 2012

Don't ask, don't tell

We already commented about this on the NYT site for Dowd's column today. Let's post anyhow, since it concerns a baffling problem, at least baffling for us. Rick Santorum styles himself as a principled opponent of gay sex everywhere, and in particular in the military. And promises a return to the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that Obama dropped last year.

Huh? Don't Ask Don't Tell? That's a policy Bill Clinton introduced upon taking office in 1992, a foul compromise with the Chiefs of Staff who were vigorously opposed to the new president's promise to discontinue discrimination against gays in the military. Before 1992, homosexuality was outlawed there, and offenders were dishonorably discharged.

So you are a principled opponent of gay sex, and you're branding yourself as a principled social conservative, and then, what? Don't ask don't tell. Why not going back to better times when homosexuality was simply illegal? Why not? What makes you taking a muddled compromise position?

If this were a classical column, we would possibly have an answer, but this isn't a classical column, and we don't.

PS: In the good old days (early 80's), I had a gay lover who served in the USAF. On his personal statistics, one could get laid by ca 25% of the same sex service personnel. And that was before DADT.

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