May 16, 2017

The Fox Woman

The fifth candidate?

Yes, you may have guessed right, Anne Coulter is the model for the FOX woman in This is Heaven. She had been an author of many successful books, and published In Trump We Trust last year, a title in support if his candidacy. And now what? She's going off-message. She no longer trust him.Here, here (we quote from the Huffington Post):   

“I’m not very happy with what has happened so far,” Coulter added. “I guess we have to try to push him to keep his promises. But ... if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out.”“Where is the great negotiation?” she asked. “That budget the Republicans pushed through was like a practical joke.… Did we win anything?”She even called developments in the administration a “disaster so far.”Coulter is particularly disappointed about lack of progress on building a wall along the Mexican border and suggested people send bricks to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).Coulter said she was opposed from the beginning to the president hiring daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner. “Americans don’t like that, I don’t like that. That’s the one fascist thing he’s done. Hiring his kids.”Coulter said that being on the Trump ride is like being told you’ve got six days to make it from Chicago to Los Angeles, except you spend the first three days heading instead to New York.
“He can still turn around and get us to LA in three days, but I’m a little nervous,” she added.“If we just keep going to New York ... again, I’ll say we had no choice, but the Trump-haters were right … it’s a nightmare. I can’t even contemplate that. Right now I’m still rooting for him to turn around and take us toward LA.”

There's more of this if you keep surfing. And now over to This Is Heaven (fragment from Ch. 9):

The fifth candidate is also blond, but female, with a longish, consent-demanding face that stares right at you, and a lot of hands and fingernails attached to her extremities, hot in a fashioned way (she), pure anchor nouveau, she could host any show, especially on FOX, especially about Christmas decoration (I have to explain to Maurice about FOX's War on Christmas). She survives while casting a malevolent regard at the defeated fish under the bridge, it’s so subtle...

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