Dec 26, 2016

"Death penalty for John and me?" --- This is heaven --- teaser

We're done now with the first raft of This Is Heaven, and it ends with an Ampersant-style HEA, completely over the top, various plot lines all leading up to total bliss.

In the penultimate chapter, Alex---who's amnesic and can't remember his sexual preferences---proposes to John, and when Dr. Martin Luther Fletcher, Ben's father and the presumed MC of this, objects on religious grounds---well, you'll see (very short):

Well---he’s sorry, Dr. Fletcher tells us, but he can’t unite two men in holy matrimony. The Bible doesn’t allow it, and he’s a Christian and so on.

“The Bible says very little about homosexuality,” Alex replies. “There are very few direct references to it, and the strongest and least ambiguous ones, in Leviticus, where it’s qualified as an abomination”---he hones in on Ben’s father---“the same source, Leviticus, also forbids wearing mixed fabrics together, or trimming one’s beard, cutting your hair at the sides, planting different seeds in the same fields, and so on. Stuff we do on a daily basis and nobody complains.”

“But the penalty against homosexuality is particularly severe, namely death,” replies Dr. Fletcher.
“And you agree, Doctor? Death penalty for John and me?”
“Don’t be silly. No, of course not.”
“What should it be then, the penalty? We still penalize murder, and theft, and rape. And you agree, I guess?”

Dr. Fletcher's gasping for air.

“If you don’t want to penalize it, what’s wrong with it? It wouldn't be a sin, or would it?”

“But, Alex, you don’t even know whether you’re gay,” I say. “You want to enter a gay marriage and you don’t know whether you’re gay?”

“How would I know all this, John? I’m not a bible thumper. I’m not religious at all, I believe. So, if I do know this, why should I know this? The only plausible reason is, I researched this in my former life. And the only plausible reason for doing so, doing this research, is: I’m gay. Speak first, think later.”

He peers at Gracelyn who---who seems to have some iron in the fire---because---as much as she likes Alex, or John, she’d rather have her son (Ben) making a few more high-strung Valkyries very happy---even if they pay for it---than to have him end up in John’s or Alex’s arms.

“Martin Luther,” she says (that was/is Dr. Fletcher’s Christian name). She takes my hand, then Alex’s, and joins them. “I’ll be the witness.”

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