Oct 23, 2015

The electricity of sex

Glenn sends this sketch, what can we do...

...find something in the GREEN EYES, or THIS IS HEAVEN.

Here it is, from Chapter 28 of "This Is Heaven" (adult content warning):

It’s fun. It’s fun for my obliging tongue, but more so for my willing brain. We feel how it feels, on the other side, on the inside, or wherever Taylor is at the moment. “Oohh,” he moans, “Oohh.” I’m keeping a steady pace, probing, licking, sucking, playing with the tiny caldera of his sphincter. “OOHH,” “AAHH,” “AAHH,” “OOHH.” This goes on for several minutes. This cannot go wrong. Rimming is never bad sex, especially on the receiving end. “AARGH,” he moans. “AAGH.”

He gasps. I disengage. “The electricity,” I say, “feel it?”
“This is what sex is all about,” (I say).
“Your nerve endings?”

Back to work, the tip of my tongue inside his ass, inverted French kissing. “AAGHH, AAGHH.” More of this. Deeper. “AA-GHH, OOOHHH.” He feels me, feeling him, feeling me, lapping, slurping, lapping, tickling, kissing. I know how this will end, I’ll be rimming him to death. “I’ll be rimming you to death,” I say.

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