Oct 16, 2015

Nature imitates art

Today is Oscar Wilde's 161 anniversary.

You need to remember a bit of The Importance of Being Earnest, his last, and arguably best comedy, but if you do, this quote from This Is Heaven may speak to you (Brigitta and Jane have picked up Ben and are on their way to Jane's place (Brigitta speaking)):

“With Jane at the wheel? Boozed up like that?” I ask.
“Well, she was barely driving, she was spending most of her attention on the ravishing passenger next to her. ‘Do you like my Audi A eight,’ she asked, for example. ‘Yes, I like your Audi A eight,’ he answered, for example. We arrive after a brief journey at her palatial mansion on Belgrave square.”

“There is no Belgrave square in Georgia Beach,” I say.
“The more fashionable side of Belgrave square,” she answers.

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