Nov 19, 2014

Quantitative metaphysics --- Scribble, scribble, scribble, Mr. Ampersant (4)

The GREEN EYES (Part I) have finally been published, and we are starting to re-post earlier material regarding the book. Underneath is the Amazon link...

Professor Barbette Beinepensant

We knew beforehand that This Is Heaven wouldn't be a picnic, because marketing has replaced logic at all levels.the earth world Yes, that's what This Is Heaven (the sequel to the Green Eyes) is all about.relivings It's about bullshit, or, more precisely, about the substitution of bullshit for other residues of meaning left on this planet.subchannel John with his addiction to Alex, Alex with his humongous dick, Godehart with his crotch shorts?guardians  It's all very well, we're not lying on anything, but it's just a ploy to keep your attention span spun while we are milking Professor Barbette Bienpensant and her Armageddon-nonsense, or taking cheap digs at vampire crazes, or the Wall Street Journal, or FOX news, or...
the entire infinite We are lodging a general complaint about the displacement of logic by impression management.foreverTwenty-five percent of Americans believe in Rapture (there's a hiatus here, but not a big one)don't you see It's not about sexual abuse as the term "rapture" suggests.inner knowing  It's about The Savior descending from heaven---soon, soon---and collecting his folks, while the rest of us will perish in the special effects of the last action movie.she is infinite They---these 25%---do believe that rapture is imminent.abomination of desolation

The rapture of May 21, 2011

And when you tell them that 100 generations have passed since Jesus walked the earth, nothing ever happening rapture-wise, hundreds of doomsday scares in vain, the end of the first millennium was the biggest one, the end of the second millennium, the rapture of May 21, 2011 (that was the penultimate one widely-publicized), it doesn't matter, the 25% will change the conversation and get distracted by an SMS message.the great tribulation And rapture is just an example.the infilling of the holy spirit If people don't believe in rapture, they believe in "followers" on Twitter or the "excellence" of business schools. Or the healing of AIDS by means of intercourse with virgins. Or Gucci.the ancient MayaSo, Bienpensant is just an example---and she's possibly not a particularly good example, she may not even believe her own doomstalk. But we're working on this little paragraph, John itching to put the finger on her hot spot, and we have this:

“But I don’t teach metaphysics,” I try.
“Quantitative metaphysics,” she answers, “I teach quantitative metaphysics.”
“I don’t teach quantitative metaphysics either.”
“Good for you. It’s a challenging field. It’s not for everyone.”
“You are an accomplished forecaster of doom?”
She has to think about this.
“If you will.”
“If I may transgress,” I say with all the false modesty left in the room, “how can one predict the end of the world more than once?”
“You are asking the wrong question. The great tribulation creates a new model of time. It’s called fractality. That’s what quantitative metaphysics teaches us. See?”
“But on Thursday,” I say, “What do you do if nothing happens?”
“You are asking the wrong question, see? It’s an ongoing process. It comprises the entire infinite. See?”
those who have come before us knew It's not optimal, we feel, though we are reasonably proud of this find, "quantitative metaphysics," which, in a purely technical sense, is a neologism---and while Google-searching we discover we're on to something, with Henri Bergson, a fin de siècle philosopher waving his paperwork and declaring: "Science is quantitative, metaphysics is qualitative..."...our ancestors had an amazingly deep grasp ...ohh, wrong, we google more and find a reference to the quantitative metaphysics back in 1999, somehow linked to a certain Ashley Davenport, but it looks as if we've kicked the right bucket, words like "intense infinite" are already dripping off the pages of her books...somehow they knew Okay, here's a bit more of this, from two Davenport-style books through myth, analogy and metaphor from the traditions of the Hopi to the ancient Veda's disconnected feelings they have been handed down to us a rare configuration that ancient computers have now confirmed mysterious source Nobel-prize winning The spiritual tradition of our ancestors The reason for the answer could fill volumes forever
(Perhaps "doomstalk" is a neologism; stay tuned) (you couldn't care less, we know)

Anyhow the GREEN EYES, Part I are now available as Kindle book on Amazon, under this link:

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