Aug 10, 2014

Timeless drama --- This is heaven (teaser)

The shortest teaser ever (John speaking):

I recall an exchange with a teacher in high school with a guttural name, Grothe or something, a man without qualities save one, nose hair. The class was about Shakespeare---the play, Romeo & Juliet. I was asking how someone could have the guts to build timeless drama on a walkout by the postal service---if it was a walkout that is, I forgot why the letter about Juliet’s “death” didn't reach Romeo---or, absent the letter, plan B, why timeless drama depends on minor gaps in the space time continuum, i.e., if Romeo would have returned from Mantua twenty minutes later he would have hit upon a reawakened Juliet and everything would have been roses by another name. So I ask this, and Grothe is baffled, he stutters, he’s left without words, I have him by his nose hair, I really do, and then I go too far and spoil everything---I forgot what I said but I totally miss the Perry Mason moment until it’s too late to say ‘I rest my case.’ Hold on, now I remember what I said, I said: “the classical drama depends crucially on people not having cell phones.”

Are you still there? Then you'll possibly like the GREEN EYES. The first part is out now, available as Kindle book on Amazon, under this link:

Night Owl Reviews

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