Jul 25, 2014

"Room service, room service" --- This is heaven (teaser)

Professor Bienpensant sent us on a wild goose chase into the hotel chamber of Juliette, where Alex performed a "post-coital checkup" on Romeo (not what you think). Now we're in the truck, going to meet Godehart in the Blue Moon.

Alex laughs. Chuckles. Slaps my shoulder (even though that’s difficult to do because we’re driving). “This is your influence,” he says.
“The post-coital checkup, this is so you, you could have invented this.”
“You are contagious, dude. This is so you.”
“Never heard of a post-coital checkup.”

He roars. “Gotcha, gotcha.”

“It felt like absurd theater, somehow, the ‘check-up.’ Like Ionesco.”
“Yes, Absurd Theater, nineteen fiftieth, Ionesco, funny version of Beckett.”
“Beckett? Waiting for Godot?”
“Yes, but funnier.”
“Absurd is when you don’t know whether it’s funny or not, isn’t it?”
“Ooh-kay,” I say.
“This is so you. I love you man” (slaps my shoulder again).

"Absurd is when you don't know whether it's funny or not, isn't it?" 

“That's not a compliment, or is it?”
“Absurd theater … I have no sense of my personality, dude, I don’t know who I am. But I’m sure, I wasn’t like this before. ‘Post-coital checkup.’ This is your influence.” He kisses my cheek. “‘Dude’ is meant as a compliment.”
“Thank you.”

"Room service, room service!" --- a still from Mel Brook's Spaceballs (1987)

“I shouldn’t laugh, it’s serious,” he adds. “I believe.”
“There wasn’t any blood.”
“They’ve possibly changed the sheets in the meantime. ‘Room service, room service, we have a de-hymenation’.” He chuckles again. “Or there wasn’t any virgin … Like in the first StarWars movie or what. They are lost in this desert, and the robot shouts, ‘Water, water.’ And the princess shouts, ‘Room service, room service.’”
“You don’t make sense.”
“No, it was Mel Brooks. A StarWars parody. The robot shouts ‘Oil, oil.’ Forgot the title.” He looks at his watch. “How many hours did they have? Eight hours, nine hours. They did it four times, at least, five times. Six times maybe. It hurts the first time. But then---orgasms aren’t automatic, you know. In this case, however, I’m confident---she looked so otherworldly. This is heaven, John, I tell you. The more you fall in love the more you make it … this is your influence, John.”

"The more you fall in love the more you make it." 

“You could have said that. ‘The more you fall in love, the more you make it’.”
“Sounds ugly.”
“Apologies, apologies. I shouldn’t be joking, not at all. Sorry.” He rolls his head, then puts the index finger to his lips: “It’s too serious, Dr. Watson.”

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