Apr 30, 2014

"Have you been listening to this?" --- This is heaven (teaser)

Just real quick: We start with the last words of Brigittå about her encounter with Ben. Then there is Juliette who has spent the last couple of minutes behind Brigittå's back---those crucial minutes that the author of flame-hot romance literature shares the best orgasm of her life. And then there are the Knights of Malta ... yes, they came up first in Chapter 28 of Part I when Ben and John shared Ben's bed and and then again in Chapter 54 when Alex and John shared John's bed. For more context, please see previous teasers. So, Brigittå speaking: 

 "That’s exactly it. Time has disappeared. There is no beginning to your lust, and not end, you’re suspended in the sky held in place by the absence of time and yet another little flutter of Ben's crotch. Words fail me. A pure miracle.”


There’s a puzzled expression on his face and a dreamy one on hers

Apologies for interrupting this (this is John speaking now), but we’re getting interrupted anyhow. Romeo has made it across the field and is close enough to seek Juliette’s eye contact. There’s a puzzled expression on his face and a dreamy one on hers---it is stunning how much Romeo resembles Ben at this very moment. Brigittå, sensing somebody behind her, turns around.

Romeo, supposedly
“Oh my God,” she says to Juliette, “my dear child, you have been listening in to this?” Juliette doesn’t answer; it takes a little while before her face is back to normal. She turns to Romeo, says “Romeo,” and applies a tiny, oh-so-innocent smooch to the black kid's cheek. “Let’s go,” she says. Both kids disappear. Brigittå gets up, feels for something in her cleavage, produces a smart phone, and swipes. Alex looks over her shoulder: “You’ve recorded this?” he asks.
“4266 words,” she says, “2000 of which will be useful, approximately. A day’s work load, almost. Automatically transcribed." She points to the sky. "Stored in the cloud. For future use. We must do this again.”

Romeo has returned, in haste. He gets conspiratorial with Alex who hands him a few dollar bills. Then he's over to Luke’s stand. What is he buying? Luke wears this insouciant expression on his face that I know so well---because he’s old school, Luke---and the merchandise disappears quickly in a bag much too large. Romeo disappears again.

“I just wonder,” Alex says when Brigitta has left, “the technique, if that’s the word, the, how do you say, there’s a French expression…”
“the savoir faire,” I help out.
“Ben’s savoir faire, penetration followed by inspired inaction…”

Caravaggio: A Maltese knight

(I have this funny feeling.) I say: “I like the alliteration, Alex, inspired inaction…”
“Alliteration, right, the coincidence of the i-vowel … inspired inaction apparently did the trick, didn’t it?”
“One would say.”
“John, you had a name for this savoir faire … the Knights of Malta, wasn’t it. We have been talking about this.”
“They invented this savoir faire according to you, the good knights, wasn’t it?”
“I wonder where Ben picked this up.”

(I don’t study my fingernails. Why does everybody likes Laurel and Hardy?)

“Talking about coincidences. This is a coincidence of coincidences, wouldn’t you say? I'm glad we are in heaven.”

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