Feb 3, 2014

A box of sleepy kittens --- This is heaven (teaser)

Context: The first festival day is already over, John and Alex have returned home, lying on the bed. For more context, refer to the earlier teasers (link below), or this post.

He’s trying so hard to be sweet---licking my face now, more lover than alpha dog up here, this after having licked my balls, and my dick, more alpha-dog down there, drawing a semi-semi erection that soon folded because I’m too exhausted after seven breathless days. Plus, him just being nice is so much nicer than him just fucking me, especially after the two pissing-outside-the-tent events we (he) had today, with the flashes of his adult part inside Albert and Godehart still fresh on my mind. “Enough atonement,” he says finally and arranges himself with the back against the pillow against the bed head, pulls the blanket over my limbs, and reaches for his iPad, caressing my tousled hair, absent-mindedly, his palm resting on my crane, two fingers fidgeting with my hairline.

This is the first time we’re just chillin’, just being there, just being a box of sleepy kittens. Perhaps I should fill him in about his past a bit, some basic stuff he needs to know, things I know, but then I know very little and want to avoid talking about his mother, especially about her death at the age of ten (his), the only thing I know about her, the catastrophe that triggered his depression.

He’s reading. He’s reading up on vampire trivia, because we will have to prep Godehart for tomorrow, and for the debate on Tuesday—he says: “Did you know that there are 94 different ways to kill a vampire ,"---we don’t really need to know this (he interrupts himself), nobody knows, and everybody has Wikipedia, and the festival program is ours, nobody is prepared for this, we’ll prep the mayor with an email he can print out. You want to sleep, he asks. Yes, I want to sleep, but I’m trying to stay awake while it lasts. The light goes on in the kitchen, Maurice is taking a leak, he’s heard our voices, what happened? “Absurdia,” Alex says.
“A new word?” Maurice asks.
“No, it’s not, somebody had the scoop in 2006,” Google says.
The web site, did it work out? Yes, like a dreamboat, Hamblin eating from our script. He’s avowedly hands-off, the mayor, Alex says, farms out everything. He must have felt the witching hour approaching and googled for “Georgia Beach Festival” and ended up on our site. Remember I switched the color scheme, I say, to make printing easier. Yes, good move. There’s no infrastructure? Yes, there is, or was, but Neill’s pledge, the hundred kay pledge for the prize has possibly triggered a few hasty moves, like the City Club idea, and confusion reigns supreme. Is the prize official now? No it’s not. But there are rumors, or rumors about rumors. And the crowd? The crowd grew throughout the evening and the uplink dish from TVToo showed up. And the jury. Yes, John’s on the jury, which was off today because it was the Mayor’s Day, Hamblin having to eliminate two of the contestants personally. Not one, two? Yes, two, because of Godehart. And? Well, he had a go at them, the mayor, like in the Bible, version 0.9. Remember our shot at pirañha ponds, they took it literally, someone from the banana boat rental on the beach had improvised a contraption that looked like an inflatable drawbridge and quacked like a drawbridge and drew like a drawbridge, save for wrong direction (downward), plus inflatable PVC-fish with inflatable shark-maws sitting on the ground as fall-breakers, to provide an air of authenticity. And, a Christmas-tree light-strip running to the mayor’s makeshift control panel with the red button, flashing all the time, the light strip, more like a Walmart Christmas light strips than a Nordstrom Christmas light strips that doesn’t flash. The mayor made a big show of it, lining up the contestants, everybody wearing fang dentures in a snub at the Twilight franchise, sending off (the mayor) the first contestant, Godehart, in his Bavarian crotch shorts, which was a complete giveaway, because obviously you wouldn’t harm the first in line, makes no sense stage-craft-wise, drum-rolls from very local drum-roll artists accompanying Godehart on the precarious path to bridge, Godehart covering his head with his hands, simulating awe and fear, cheers from the crowd, drum-rolls crescendoing, Godehart with his first foot on the bridge, his the second foot, his full weight, the Walmart-Christmas-light-strip flashing alarmingly, nothing happens, Godehart survives. Second candidate, a woman nobody has ever heard of who’s toast now, in a nice play on stage-craft, you wouldn’t normally kill the second in line either, but no, the woman who’s toast now arrives on the bridge, and, the moment Dr. No would push the button because this guest at his dinner table had asked the wrong question about the pirañha pond in the middle of the dining room, this moment the mayor pushes the button, the draw bridge draws (inversely), the woman is toast and lands on the mean-looking, fall-breaking PVC-pirañhas and erupts in tears. The third candidate is Richard Roper. We know this because each candidate was introduced to the crowd, and because Roper is Romeo’s sugar daddy, the kid that had returned from the trailer under the pretext of buying junk food from Ben and alighted on a folding chair next to Juliette, who then asked more questions about Romeo & Juliet & so on...

Romeo (not his real name (okay, let's leak this, since predictability is our hallmark: in the perfect happy ending of Part II, Romeo will be revealed to be Ben's full brother, Ray will inherit Neill Palmer's fortune, Barbette will be carried off to jail, kicking and screaming, John, Alex and Ben will spend their first night in bed together (in the bed of Ben's parents), and, needless to say, Romeo and Juliette will be re-united and spend their (second) night together in Ben's bed. Godehart will win the award and invite everybody to a gay cruise. And that cruise will be the subject of Part III, titled "Captain Monteghiaccio.")
...Romeo didn’t say Roper is his sugar daddy, but described him as his trailer-mate, dropped out of school a long time ago (Romeo), and does errands for the guy, like buying cigarettes or not buying condoms, except when the credit cards feel overcharged. Despite all this Juliet read a few more lines from Shakespeare’s script, and Romeo answered from his inner teleprompter. It was prep school in an old-fashioned sort of way, in particular in view of the fact that the girl has completely lost her mind---yes, Alex interrupts, she has, she put paid to the notion of romantic gravity, ‘falling is love’ is so yesterday, not a split second of gravity wasted, nothing to break the fall, boom. Romeo as in Juliet, boom, although that’s not his real name, he made it up on the spot. Would be a nice addition to the play (Maurice suggests), wouldn’t it, a touch of old-fashioned self-reference, Romeo’s real name being, say, Rudolph, and then he happens upon Juliet, at the party, and says “call me Romeo” (and boom). He’s disturbed youth, though, Romeo, tormented one minute and less tormented the next, and gets upset when you say a wrong word, like “boy,” which Juliette did. We managed to calm him down, though, and they are still in love because Juliette can see beauty in the eye of the beholder. And, he resembles Ben a bit because he's black.

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