Feb 16, 2014

The Hindu god --- This is heaven (teaser)

Context:  (1) A new morning has arrived, heralding Day Two of the Vampire Festival week(2) Ben (whom we met first in Part I in a chapter titled "A hitchhiker's guide to gay sex") has returned from an "outcall" and is sleeping on John's bed.  (3) Since his failed suicide last week, Alex maintains he has arrived in heaven. He also labors under serious amnesia. (4) Maurice is staying with them, still reconvalescent from the bloody fuck last week that almost cost him his life. 

“Okay,” Alex says and hands me the coffee cup. He sits down on the bed and peers through the window. The Davis Canal runs right by the condo and there’s a water tower on the other side, a tripedal contraption expecting the sun to kiss it back to life each morning.

“Do they have water towers in heaven?” I ask.
“Apparently,” Alex says.
“We’re still in heaven?”
“We’re still in heaven … a bit less though, this tower barely qualifies.”
“You knew about Ben,” I say, “before you…lost your memory.”
“Tell me anything.”

Ben moves in his sleep. Don’t ask how, but his unconscious hand is now in Alex’s lap. “Maurice knows about Ben. Everybody knows about Ben, ask Maurice,” I say.
“Ben is …” (he lets the sentence trail).

“No,” I say, “I just met him, you know. Last week. He’s sweet, and smart.”
“And handsome.”
“And handsome.”
“Let me get this in,” he says, “before Georgia legalizes gay marriage. How many people do you meet per week?”
“You wouldn’t believe it.”
“I was a paramedic, right? You wouldn’t believe what paramedics believe, or what they find in the anuses of ordinary people, per week.”
“Before I met you, on Sunday morning last week, before I met you, I didn’t meet anybody, for four years.”
“And then you met Maurice, and Ben, and Godehart, and Ray. And Alice. Anybody else?”
“You came first.”
“So it’s my fault.”
“I didn’t have sex with Ray. Not last week. Nor Alice.”
“No sweat.”
“I met Ray ten years ago.”
“Perhaps you should tell me a bit about my past. How many people I met last week, for example.”
“Alice fears bringing up your past, for fear of bringing back your depression.”
“Right,” he says, “okay, then, this is day four of my life.”

He laughs. “You know,” he adds, “you know, heaven is absurd, isn’t it. Being in the presence of God, or being wedded to you, or getting mixed up in this festival. Let’s proceed. Let’s see where this goes.”

He removes Ben’s hand from his lap and disappears in the kitchen. He’s waking Maurice. Maurice is much better today, he moves about with reasonable ease and is kindly asked to join us for a powwow. The bed is getting crowded. Maurice slides under the blanket and several of Ben’s unconscious limbs. Alex serves more coffee.

“Day Two of the festival,” Alex says.
“This gentleman feels like a Hindu god,” Maurice says, “with all these limbs. Shall I worship him?”
“You don’t know Ben?”
“So this is Ben?”
“Yes. Unless there are more Bens,” Alex replies.
“John has taste,” Maurice says. “Alex, did you taste him already?”
“Day Two,” Alex says.
“He’s a bit sleepy, though, your Ben. Is he always like this?”
“He had a rough night.”
“He’s still dressed, though. Interesting.”
“Not with us,” I say.
“Okay, let’s worship a bit.” Maurice takes Ben’s unconscious hand and rubs it ever so gently over the location of his private parts under the blanket.

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